A preview of A Cinderella Story: Starstruck

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Are you waiting for another sequel of A Cinderella Story? Then here’s some definite good news for you as we’re sure to get a sequel of yet another Cinderella story starring Bailee Madison. It is planned to be a sequel of five movies owned by Warner Bros. and created by Leigh Dunlap. The news of another sequel has already been out on the web and the netizens can wait no longer to witness A Cinderella Story: Starstruck.

The Cinderella Story is more like a modern version of the original Cinderella’s tale. Thus, the plot of the sequel would be sticking around the events that took place in the original. The original had the storyline of a girl who wished to pursue her dreams but was refrained from the same as her stepfamily was the biggest challenge for her.

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A total of five movies have already been added to the list. And this one will soon be added to the storyline. The first movie of A Cinderella Story was theatrically released in 2004. The new movie would be featuring Bailee Madison as Finley and Michael Evans Behling as Jackson Stone. In the new Starstruck movie, it is Finley’s dream to become an actress and coincidentally the Hollywood Filming starts in her village at the right time.

She then makes up her mind to go and audition for the role. However, her audition was awful. After which, he disguises herself as a cowboy, Huck. This successful helps her to bag the role with her co-star Jackson Stone. But the plot twist is this is a secret from her family as well as from Jackson. Till when would she be successful in keeping this secret is for what we need to give this movie a watch.


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