A season 2 of Crime Scene may happen after all.

Courtesy: Decider

The Netflix original show called the Crime Scene is expected to release its 2nd season after the huge success of season 1. If you haven’t watched the previous season then watch it then and if you have then read on for some exclusive info on season 2.

Release date 

Even though the season 1 was a huge success, Netflix has not yet officially announced the renewal of the hit show. This means we do not have a release date to you right now. We believe that it will be released soon though.


Just like the release date, the plot of the season 2 is also not known. Fans believe the popular original idea for the season is going to be the way forward. If that is indeed the case then a very good season 2 is in the making


Nothing is known about the cast as well. It is being believed that the new season will have new experts and other characters.

Courtesy: What’s on Netflix


As the trend is going, there is also no trailer for the show so far and there is also no news on when it will come out. It is believed that the trailer will be as fantastic as the season 1 trailer.

Well nothing  is available apparently on the new season. We will get back to you when we have more for you. Till then go and watch the season 1 and get in the zone of Crime Scene season 2.


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