The last movie that was added into the Terminator franchise, Terminator: Dark Fate was a movie with high expectations that did not deliver. A sequel to it is quite unlikely given the poor performance of the movie at the box office. However one of the stars of the movie, Mackenzie Davis has revealed that there were plans for it. Here is the complete thing.


Mackenzie Davis played the part of the new cyborg named Grace in the movie that comes from the future to save Dani Ramos played by Natalia Reyes. In a recent interview, Davis said that she was glad that she was part of the movie as it had a good story to tell. According to her the story had character and the potential in it to make the fans ask for a sequel. The original plan was that in the sequel, the story will continue to look at the life of Grace by jumping into the future.

The plan however never materialized as fans did not like the latest movie of the Terminator franchise and the movie made only $233.7 million at the box office despite having franchise heavyweights Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. Davis finished by observing that a sequel to the movie was literally insane to think of given its reception by the fans.

Are you also of the opinion that Terminator: Dark Fate was the worst movie in the franchise or do you think otherwise like Davis? Comment your views in the comment box.


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