A Simple Fan Edit Turns the Cruella Trailer Into a Chilling Joker Prequel


Since the time the primary trailer for Disney’s Cruella dropped, fans have been contrasting the film’s story, stylish and tone to that of Joker. Yet, imagine a scenario in which the likenesses lie not with the Clown Prince of Crime himself, but rather with his mom. 

That is the methodology entertainer Matthew Highton took with his fan-altar of the Cruella’s trailer, transforming it into a promotion for a Penny Fleck prequel film. What’s more, it didn’t take that much work by the same token.

As Highton composed on Twitter, all he needed to do was trade the sound between the two trailers, making an almost amazing beat-for-beat insight. Highton additionally noticed that Joker’s trailer is somewhat more than Cruella’s, which is the reason the video does exclude the full Joker sound. 

Cruella stars Emma Stone as the nominal screw-up, passing by the name Estelle, and happens in 1970s London at the tallness of the underground rock upheaval. A beginner style creator, Estelle, at last, gets the attention of design symbol Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson). Notwithstanding, similarly as things fire searching up for Estelle, they begin smashing down, putting her down a course that will, at last, prompt her to turn into the wretched Cruella de Vil.


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