A Town Called Malice – Cast, Storyline and Detail we know about the heady 1980s crime drama


A Town Called Malice is set against the background of the Costa del Sol in southern Spain and features a thumping 1980s soundtrack as well as unending romance, violence, and high camp, so there should be much to enjoy for those of us old enough to remember those heady days of the 1980s.

The new eight-part Sky Max drama A Town Called Malice borrows its title from The Jam’s early 1980s smash song of the same name (Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton). It was developed by famous director Nick Love and follows the Lords, a South London crime family that is unhappy that they have plummeted to the bottom of the criminal food chain. They are hopeful that relocating to Spain would allow them to recreate themselves and reclaim their previous glory, but several major roadblocks stand in their way.

What’s the release date?

A Town Like Malice will be available on Sky Max and Now in the UK later next year, so grab your legwarmers and a pina colada and enjoy the journey back to the 1980s! In due course, we will provide an update with information on a worldwide release date.

Who will be casting?

The cast of A Town Called Malice has yet to be revealed, but production is expected to begin later this year in London and Spain. Keep an eye on this area for updates as soon as Sky confirms the series’ cast.

What’s the plotline for the movie?

The Lords in A Town Called Malice is clearly beyond their criminal heydays, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pine for their golden days. Gene Lord, the clan’s youngest member, feels forgotten and mistreated by his family, who fail to recognize his brilliance and deadly instincts.

After narrowly escaping a gangland brawl, Gene and his tough girlfriend Cindy travel to Spain to avoid imprisonment, only to become entangled in the local underworld, frantically attempting to avoid problems. When the rest of the Lords join them on the Costa del Sol, they strive to recapture their golden days as criminal top dogs. This, however, does not sit well with Gene and Cindy, who have a whole different idea.

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