A Twisted Tale of Love in ‘Lovecraft Country’ Episode 6 Meet Me in St. Louis Daegu

A Twisted Tale of Love in 'Lovecraft Country' Episode 6 Meet Me in St. Louis Daegu
A Twisted Tale of Love in 'Lovecraft Country' Episode 6 Meet Me in St. Louis Daegu

If one could describe Lovecraft Country in a word, it would simply be Horrorfest. From literary monsters to haunted houses to racial swapping, this American horror drama has done it all. However, that’s not the end.

The streak continues with the sixth episode leaving viewers to worry about Atticus’ safety. The last episode of the show ended with Ruby taking revenge on her boss who sexually assaulted Tamara by raping him.

She then confronts William about his activity in the basement and finds out he metamorphoses into Christina. On the other hand, Atticus is reminded of his first love, Ji-ah in South Korea as he works ‘on a translation. 


Episode 6: 

The episode sees Ji-ah at a movie theatre watching Judy Garland’s Meet Me in St Louis, a romantic happy ending that she secretly craves deep down inside. But unlike most who find love, things are complicated with Ji-Ah. 

It won’t be a Lovecraft Country episode without its fair share of gore and just when you’re about to think, “Oh it’s a girl-meets-boy kinda love story”, the series hits you with its grisly story. 

In a deal gone wrong, Ji-Ah’s mother, Soon-Hee who sought to protect her daughter from her husband’s sexual abuse with a female shaman ends up having her daughter possessed by a Kumho – a nine-tailed evil fox spirit.

The only way to get rid of the curse is to devour 100 men which is why Ji-ah seduces men at the bar, takes them home, and impales them with her tales. Kumiko sucks the life and memories of these men until they turn a pile of gunk on the floor.

With Attic, what begins as revenge for killing her best friend, Ji-ah finds herself falling for Tic. Right before doing the deed, Ji-ah stops herself from devouring Tic.

Later, she confronts him about killing Young-Ja and confesses to attempting to kill him but conceals her true identity. The two make up and clean the slate. 

Months after they’re dating, Tic finally gets the order to go back home and he asks Ji-Ah to accompany him. At night, during one of their intimate sessions, Ji-ah lets her guard down and one of the tentacles attach themselves to Tic’s face.

Not only does she see his troubled past but also Young-Ja’s death and surprisingly, Tic’s future has him in bed with another woman and his death. Taken aback at what he just witnessed, Tic leaves a distraught Ji-Ah. 

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Devasted, Ji-ah visits the shaman with her mother in hopes to get the curse lifted but is instead informed that more tragedy is to follow and that there will be more death before Ji-Ah’s journey ends. 

So much for a happy, Judy Garland Hollywood ending, right?




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