A WandaVision Season Two Remains a Very Real Possibility!!

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WandaVision concluded its first season but their story is not finished. Wanda Maximoff and Vision have completed a long journey together. Their journey has been beautiful, but it was full of ups and downs. They had their twins, raised them, and also dealt with Agatha Harkness’s trolling together. 

In the season’s finale on Disney+, Wanda went away somewhere into the woods and vision gave away his memories to another vision. There are a lot of stories to come which are still kept under the wraps. 

Let’s get into the future of WandaVision and everything you need to know.

What are the chances that we can have season two for Wanda Vision?

Just to make a guess, by taking into account everything from the previous series, we can definitely expect season two. Moreover, WandaVision’s finale was titled “The Series Finale”. Season two is not really planned right now. 

Kevin Feige says that he can’t really say no to anything right now regarding WandaVision season two. He adds that Lizzie Olsen, who we know as Wanda, is going to appear in the Doctor Strange film in the Multiverse of Madness film.

What can be the expected plot for the future season!!

In the series finale, WandaVision Vision inspires White Vision with all the memories of the Vision who was killed by Thanos. White Vision came halfway with Vision’s memories in the finale. Later in the series, WandaVision Vision dies. Someday we might find the Vision who disappeared in the future. 

Actor Paul Bettany, who played Vision’s character, says that there is a lot more to explore about his character. Finally, in the season finale, Wanda had her superhero moment. She realizes that her destiny is to be Scarlet Witch, and she finally accepted that spell-making could easily enhance her powers.

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WandaVision’s end-credit scenes disclose that Wanda is going to take her training montage very dedicatedly. It is also shown that she is sitting in her space in the woods and concentrating on reading the Darkhold, the magic book which was once owned by Agatha Harkness. For Wanda’s part, we are sure that her powers will boost up if another season comes up.

There is no official news for the second season of WandaVision and it is just an assumption made by us. We hope we get all the updates regarding it if it is going to happen. Stay tuned with us and follow the space.


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