About 36% of the public will agree DCEU movie with the worst ending

Source: Looper

2013 was the year, and Hollywood steadily started taking control of the shared universe mania. Unfortunately, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was only ready to lead the charge with a few episodes under its belt. Still, its most potential adversary in the superheroic genre was set to make his presence feel great. Director Zack Snyder revealed that year his attempt to reboot Superman called “Man of Steel,” thereby exposing the DCEU to a series of movies set in the same continuity to make their way to the big screen.

The DCEU, compared to MCU, has had a hard time slipping far behind its adversary in a multitude of categories. Some films were critically applauded and made serious banks at box offices, while others flew away and settled in the ocean of film darkness. Still, every flick brought to the table something that justified its inclusion in broader franchises, be they legendary characters, famous sites or glimpses of the future of the series. All of them did not, however, stop sending joyful audiences home. 

Source: Screen Rant

This is the DCEU entry with the weakest ending of 36% of the people who agree.

Looper has just conducted a poll on the subject that assessed the opinions of 537 people in the US to decide which DCEU film has the worst output. The “Wonder Woman” in 2017 was last dead by 9.68%, followed by the aforementioned “Man of Steel” at 9.87%, with the “Justice League” cut by both “Aquaman” and “Justice League” having obtained 10.80%. “Wonder Woman 1984” came up with a staggering 22,35% of the time, and “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” caught up with the rest of the 36,5%.

To call polarising the term “Batman vs Superman” is an understatement and its ending moments support this idea. Superman (Henry Cavill) gets murdered by the same kryptonite spear he used to destroy the gigantic animal during his confrontation with the monstrous Doomsday. Hero funerals and his civic alter-ego Clark Kent are being held. The Justice League is a squad of metahumans, forming Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), to defend Earth in his honour. Just seconds before the credit rolls, however, Clark’s coffin’s dirt increases, which shows, after all, that there is still life in him.

The movie and its final product are acceptable in the grand scheme of Zack Snyder’s cinematic DC vision, but they do not live in a vacuum. 1993’s DC comic book narrative “The Death of Superman” has been a significant event in the industry, rewarding history and character development for decades. Unfortunately, all of this build-up was yet to be made available in the DCEU. In 2016, “Batman vs Superman” released a total of two films. As a result, Superman’s death and unavoidable resurrection had been cruelly hastened, as we believed he would become the hero at the franchise’s start.

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