ACB To Dem Senator: ‘I Wish You Are not Suggesting I Don’t Have My Own Mind’


Judge Amy Coney Barrett flatly denied Tuesday to promise that she would recuse herself if a debate over the 3rd November election came before the Supreme Court. Demanding that despite her nomination by President Donald Trump. She would not decide this election for the people of America. 

During a nearly 12-hour interrogation session, Barrett eludes Democratic senators’ efforts to pin down her views on the Affordable inexpensive Care Act. also, abortion rights and gay marriage and a possible election-related case. 

She played down her history of taking talk stances in legal words. Personal statements and arguing that she might viewpoints differently as a sitting justice. 

I have not made any promises or deals or anything like that. She told the Senate Judiciary Committee on her second day of finalization hearings. I am not here on a vocation to demolish the Affordable Care Act. I am just here to apply the law and stick to the rule of law. 

After days of pinching Barrett over the health care law, Democrats send away her word of honor. Because it is meaningless. Donald Trump no needs to stable any particular promises from Barrett. He selected her exactly because she fairly held legal actions would gain the end he is after. 

I am after that left with looking at the tracks of your record. Where it leads the American people. Told by Amy Klobuchar. I believe it leads us to an area that is going to have severe consequences for them. 

Barrett denied to discuss proper cases or commit to rescuing from particular matters was in the queue with decades. Old playbook used by Supreme Court nominees to avoid giving substantive reports at the time of confirmation hearing.


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