ACLU’s Bill of Rights Gala – Hard Speech of Billy Porter, The Chicks and Judd Apatow!


Welcome Back Folks! ALCU, a nonprofit organization founded in 1920 to protect and preserve everyone’s rights and liberties by the Constitution and laws of the United States includes the award ceremonies and put a glance on social topics. 

But this time, the awards ceremony is skipped due to the Corona virus outbreak and as its guidelines bans gathering, so we’ll not be able to organize the award ceremony event in 2020. 

Hence, the ACLU SoCal’s 2020 Bill of Rights Virtual Gala is organized virtually and people can book tickets via online mood. Event was organized on Sunday, 4th October and those who have tickets will get the joining link on the Day of the Event.                                                                                                                  

Frankly, this hardcore pandemic will hit everyone badly and makes simple things too complicated. But don’t worry, we’ll cope up from this situation soon. 

Hector Villagra, the executive director of ACLU, gives a hard-hitting speech and said that we live in a moment of constant lies and hard truths.

He also centers the President and stated that he only gives credence to white supremacy but when it’s about black, he didn’t has too much words to say about the death of black George Floyd. 

Billy Porter, a very famous openly American gay, actor and singer who had won various awards for his acting and singing.

He won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2019 and he has won many more prizes. In 2020 event, Billy Porter hosted sparkling affairs of Barbra Streisand, Jason George, Justin Tranter, Sam Waterson, Jane Fonda and others.                                          

Porter, burst up his feelings on Black Lives Matter movement and welcome the white people in the event and requested everyone to not to take it as just an update. 

The black Americans face the violation, discrimination from past 400 years and you, me and each one of us will not be able to do anything except posting hashtags.

 One of the renowned examples is of recent murder of George Floyd just because of color. Porter ends the speech by the line, our democracy and our rights are on the ballot. 

Judd Apatow, an American film director, producer and comedian continued the event hilariously and changes the whole environment instantly. 

He remembers the day after the first presidential debate and and expressed that the last year debate looks like a debate of last night.

 He mentioned that the debate gave him bad dreams which is not less than a feeling of having surgery with open eyes!

Every event has both harsh and happy environment. And to know more about these kinds of events, stay tuned and connected!


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