Actor Blake Jenner Admits to Being in an Abusive Relationship With Melissa Benoist


Last year, Blake Jenner got himself surrounded by numerous controversies related to her former wife, Melissa Benoist. Recently, the 28 years old actor talked about his toxic married life with her partner from 2015 to 2017. And after a year of silence, he returned to Instagram and wrote a lengthy note for his past mistakes and other stuff.

Blake Jenner’s statement on Instagram

Blake began his statement by saying that he had kept it from the world due to fear and shame, but now he knows that he must address it publicly. He said that he fell in love when he was just 20. He also shared that he takes full accountability and responsibility for physically, mentally, and emotionally hurting his former partner.

He also admitted that an argument escalated quickly, and they ended their relationship when he threw his mobile without knowing that it would hit his ex-wife’s face. After realizing what he did, he was in complete horror and shock.

His partner had a swollen eye, and she screamed in pain. Blake continued that he will regret this moment for the rest of his life, and he also held himself responsible for the pain he caused her.

Blake Jenner says that his former partner hurt him too

In the Instagram post, he claimed that his wife made him pass numerous work opportunities because she was jealous of his female co-stars. At any professional event, his ex-wife also threatened him for taking any pictures or developing any relationships with his female co-stars. She also made him feel guilty for taking calls from his former partner.

Besides, Melissa also punched his face, slapped him, and scratched him many times. During their relationship, even he had to lie about his visible injuries to others. He also claims that his former wife assaulted him in the shower, and he still suffers from that traumatic experience.

Jenner also wrote that they went to several therapy sessions, but nothing worked. He also apologized for losing respect and trust in her. At the end of the note, he said that he wishes good health and love for her and her family. You can read the whole note below.


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After being away from his former wife, he has worked a lot in his problems. He also tried to tackle down the symptoms in his behavior and the cause that led to that event. In the long note, he mentioned that he does not want to drag Melissa down, but wants her to heal as well.

Both parties are responsible for inflicting physical and mental pain in their past relationship. We haven’t heard anything from Melissa’s end after Blake explained everything. Stay in touch with us for recent updates.


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