Actress Melanie Liburd talks about Carrie’s issues in Power Book II: Ghost



  • Melanie Liburd recently had a chat with a news source about her character named Caridad “Carrie” Milgram in Power Book II: Ghost.
  • Liburd said that Carrie did not know that Tariq had secrets.
  • She also added that Carrie and her ex-fiance Jabari had a toxic relationship.

Inside Story

Recently, Melanie Liburd talked about the additional and several other issues of her character Caridad “Carrie” Milgram in Power Book II: Ghost. So keep reading to find out details about your favorite character.

When Liburd was asked by TV Line about how much her character knew about Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr). She responded that Carrie did not know and dark secrets about Tarik, and she thought he was a kindred spirit. When she met him for the first time, she decides to help him.

The interviewer also asks about a part where Jabari writes a book about Carries without asking for her permission, to which Liburd responds that Jabari Reynolds (Justin Marcel McManus) and Carrie were engaged and lived together. Liburd explained their relationship to be toxic because they have a narcissist and a co-dependent relationship. 

She continued that both of them are not suitable enough because they bring out the worst in each other. Carrie changes her school and comes to know that Jabari is looking for a job, so she helps him in finding one even after being aware that he is not good. Next, Jabari ends up at her school and takes a job.

The duo decides to restart their relationship, but he bullies her again, just like her father. Then, Carrie decides to step down, but Jabari being Jabari, he follows her again. Liburd said that these two characters have a relationship like a mouse and a cat.

Then the interviewer asked about Carrie’s sex and love addiction. She said that Carrie is going through a lot, and she is in a mental battle whether to go back to Jabari or not after what he did to her.

She broke the engagement after she realized he wrote a book about her and betrayed her. He changed her name but still penned down everything about her, which included her darkest secrets to her complexities.

Liburd continued that she wanted to delve in and tell the tale from a girl’s point of view and to let everyone know that such a thing is painful and can destroy your life. She also added that most of the TV shows and movies do not show such a subject about women.


We must say that Courtney has her own way of writing, and most of the viewers along with Liburd love it. She loves to pen down about a particular character who is not in the best position in their life, and that is what makes a great story. Power Book II: Ghost is currently streaming on Starz Network

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