Adam Brody Confirms More Shazam Family Action Scenes

Adam Brody Confirms More Shazam Family Action Scenes
Adam Brody Confirms More Shazam Family Action Scenes

Shazam in the 2019 superhero action film where a bunch of foster kids gets the power to transform into adult superheroes and save the world. This DC film was well-received for its hilarious humor and action sequences. The movie has a score of 7.1/10 on IMDb and 90% on the Tomatometer.

What did we know about the future of the franchise?

Due to the skyrocketing hit of the first film, it was confirmed that there will be a sequel! DC has revealed that the next movie will be released in June of 2023 and it is called Shazam! Fury of Gods.

You can watch the trailer of the movie here- 

Though there is almost a half a decade gap between the two films, director David F. Sandberg has confirmed that the child characters’ ages will not be changed.

What Adam Brody has revealed about the film?

He said in an interview with Screen Rant that this movie will have an even better action sequence than the previous ones. Though he had to be very careful about not spoiling the movie, he did say that it includes a lot of stunts and technical stuff!

“I’m sure there’ll be moments of real peril that you take seriously as well, but leaning into the comedy and leaning into the goofiness and the wish-fulfillment of it all is a pretty natural and joyful experience,” he said.

We hope this update made you happy!

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