Adam Brody Says Shazam! Cameo Changed His Career


Shazam! actor Adam Broody recently was spotted promoting his upcoming movie named The Kid Detective. He also talked about how his cameo in Shazam’ changed his career. At the end of the Shazam!, Brody appears as the older version of Freddy (played by Jack Dylan Grazer).

When Billy Baston realizes that he won’t be able to beat the villains, he takes help from his foster siblings and turns them into their grown heroic selves. The audiences were reintroduced to the older version of the characters in the DCEU film.

Adam Brody talks about his success after appearing in Shazam!

Recently, Brody has been busy promoting his new movie, The Kid Detective, and in an interview, he was asked about his cameo in Shazam! The actor admitted to the source that the film helped him to change his career in a good way. He said that Shazam! was one of the best and visible films he had done in a long time. 

Brody continued that he was happy to see the moviegoers were content to see him playing the adult role of Freddy. And this positive reaction from the audience has now opened the doors for his acting career. Brody added that he feels nice and also believes he has more energy to do his best because of it.

He also said that if Ready or Not and Shazam! did not exist, he would have not been a part of Kid Detective might. He is looking forward to seeing what happens next. And Brody’s assessment of his new project makes sense. His new film The Kid Detective was under production since 2012, and last year in August, it got officially announced after Brody’s cameo in Shazam!

It proves that superhero film was well received by the audience. But it also shows that Brody’s limited screen time left a good impression on fans. Some of his fans saw his act in The O.C. and realized that he was the best choice to play the role of Freddy in Shazam!

Final Words

Fans would love to see more of him in the future. And guess what he will return as adult Freddy in Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which is slated to begin its production in 2021. Sadly, all the cast and crew have remained tight-lipped about the storyline of the second installment.

So it is unclear whether the adult stars will have more than just cameo roles or expanded roles in the sequel. Don’t worry! We will update you whenever we get any latest information about the sequel of Shazam! Till then, watch the trailer of The Kid Detective below.

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