Adam Slander’s Brand-New Movie ‘Hubie Halloween’ Was Dedicated To A Young Actor!


Welcome back lovely readers! Dedicating a brand-new movie scripted by an amazing filmmaker to anyone isn’t at all a small thing, and if someone is doing it then there will be definitely a big reason behind the dedication! Dig inside the reason of dedication and the young actor!                                                                                                        

Yes, we’re talking about a sizzling brand-new American movie named Hubie Halloween which was scripted by a superb filmmaker Adam Richard Sandler and aired on 7th October 2020, by Netflix. It’s a humorous and horror movie directed by Steven Brill and received mixed reviews from critics.    

The film centers a delicatessen worker of Salem, Massachusetts named Hubie Dubois who is ridiculed and irritated by entire city because of his timorous, weird and useless jokes. Director highlights his journey and explore about the people they met in his Halloween life as he also worked as a Halloween helper.

His own classmates named Mr. and Mrs. Hennessey also frustrates and terrify him and throws eggs on him! Everyone must watch out this movie and see how did he cope up with all these irritations!

This fabulous movie starring Adam Sandler as Hubie Dubois, June Squibb as Hubie’s mother, Maya Rudolph as Marry Hennessey, Tim Meadows as Mr. Lester Hennessey and many more!

To whom did Adam Sandler assign his chilling movie!

Adam Sandler dedicated his newest movie to Cameron Boyce, a superb talented young American actor which is sadly no longer among us! He was an incredible young actor who had done various films and television shows and done his first debut at the age of 8 years-old in the music video “That Green Gentleman.”

After his first debut he was seen back to back in different roles in different movies and shows. On 6 July 2019, Boyce was in Los Angeles and didn’t wake up! And authorities declared him dead on the spot. After two days his family announced officially that his son has an epileptic seizure in mid night and he died due to epilepsy, which is very awful and heart breaking news for everyone. 

Why did Sandler dedicate his newest movie to Cameron!

Sandler was emotionally attached to Boyce as he had done two films Grown Up and its sequel in which he performed the role of Sandler’s son, he was like his son. At the end of his brand new movie he gave a remarkable tribute to Cameron and also post an image with him on Twitter with a very emotional and hearty message!

Sandler also sketched Boyce role in his upcoming film Hubie Halloween and he was supposed to come to do movie, just two days after his death!

Seriously it was a very devastating news for everyone, pain of loss was never healed but he will always remains in our heart! Hence, the main reason behind his dedication is his love for the great and astonishing star Cameron Boyce!

Hence, stay tuned and connected to know more updates about the upcoming movies and great stars!


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