After Black Widow, Marvel won’t be Ruling out more prequel movies

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According to Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige, Black Widow could be the first in a series of popular character prequel films.

Since Black Widow sacrificed her life in Avengers: Endgame, the next MCU blockbuster has been pushed back a couple of years with a solo adventure for Scarlett Johansson because of the early reactions to Black Widow, it is not surprising that Feige is willing to explore previously unseen adventures for other Avengers in the future.

“This movie and this story are indeed unique to Natasha,” he told the press (via /Film). However, it is certain that our entire cast will delve into the MCU’s past, present, and future.

“That particular cast story is very personal to Natasha.”

There are numerous prequels available in the MCU, including stories set between Thanos’ snap and the reappearance of the disappeared after Endgame.

The new Disney+ Loki series also delves into how the MCU’s “Sacred Timeline” can result in alternate versions of MCU heroes and their backstories.

Then there’s Steve Rogers’ lost adventures travelling through time to retrieve the Infinity Stones, or what he did when he married Peggy Carter. A Marvel prequel has literally no possibilities!

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Chris Evans was about to play Captain America

Chris Evans was in talks to play Captain America, Steve Rogers, in at least one Marvel estate in January. Although Evans appears to have dismissed this report on Twitter, it is easy to see how Black Widow’s creative timeline allows MCU actors to return in unusual circumstances.

 What about a five-year Endgame hiatus when Robert Downey Jr. is bored and wants to make a new Iron Man film? You never know what might happen. Marvel, on the other hand, was inventive in allowing long-running characters to depart before the public drew them in, while introducing new characters to new roles.

Avengers Infinity War

 Infinity War has technically been created, and the characters in the infamous Red Room, as well as their time as assassins before joining SHIELD, are also blinking back. Prequels or films that are not direct sequels or follow-ups to the other chapters could provide even more connective tissue to the MCU. Building bridges between projects, characters, and stories in retrospect is an extension of the sequential episodic Marvel narrative. However, in Feige’s eyes, such a tumultuous timeline would have to be justified.

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