After Divorce, Libbie Mugrabi decides to launch a new accessories line made in old Libby’s factory in Hawaii


The new divorcee, 41 years old Libbie Mugrabi has been busy building her own world in this ongoing pandemic. The actress gained the spotlight during her ongoing high-profile divorce case. Sources reveal that she has been producing her eponymous accessories line at her old canned pineapple factory. The factory is located in Maui, Hawaii. Continue reading to know more about her upcoming accessories line.

Libbie Mugrabi is working on her accessories line!

As we all know, the 41 years old recently settled her multimillion-dollar divorce. Libbie has finally divorced her former partner David Mugrabi, who is a billionaire art collecting scion. After separating from her partner, she has decided to venture into a new field. According to the sources, Libbie is branding her own products, which include keychains, masks, bags, hats as well as condoms at the old facility that dates back to the 1800s.

Libbie has also launched her new line called Libbie Loves too. Recently, the 41 years old revealed that she loves Maui and is going to buy a home close to Oprah Winfrey’s estate. She also added that she is partnering with the local artists on the line. Furthermore, the divorcee also wanted to make all the accessories in America.

Apart from that, she is also looking forward to visiting the site “Libbyville” cannery, which is a famous place in O’ahu. Her motive is to visit the place and meet the residents who are the brand’s workers. As of now, the 41 years old is seen at the Maui Four Seasons. Besides, she was also spotted wearing her own signature mask that has her name written on it. 

Previously, some sources even reported that she is planning to produce a Libbie Vibrator as well. She got inspired by this idea from a news source that wrote about her when she threw a party in Miami. She climbed on the top of a multi-million dollar Damien Hirst statue barefoot.

Libbie, along with legendary bon vivant Anthony Haden-Guest scaled the sculpture to take a snap. They were also seen holding another work by another artist Linjie Deng. It looked like she had no regrets partying with 50 other people during the ongoing pandemic.

Final Words

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