After Keegan and Dotty’s kiss, EastEnders star Zack Morris teases its aftermath.


Zack Morris, who plays Keegan in EastEnders, has opened up about the shocking events after his character kissed Dotty. Following additional allegations that his wife Tiffany has lied to him about their finances, the married man will kiss his buddy Dotty illicitly next week.

Keegan and Tiffany’s relationship deteriorated further in Friday’s episode (July 30), when Dotty publicly questioned whether Tiffany had spent more money on cosmetic upgrades.

Then Keegan realised Tiffany had lied to him about her spending habits, and he accused the woman of selling her wedding ring to pay for the improvements.

About these latest scenes, Zack Morris has commented, “I believe he is more concerned about the relationship’s trust factor.” The majority of Keegan’s actions are done for the benefit of Tiffany and their relationship. He has difficulty with a one-way relationship.”

Because Keegan isn’t sure how to help Tiffany with her self-confidence issues, the couple is still at odds.

“Keegan tells Tiffany she’s lovely a lot, and it may seem minor to Tiffany, but from Keegan’s perspective, he’s never had to cope with anything like it.”

Everything is a learning curve in a relationship, and he feels he is handling it well, but it isn’t sinking in with her. Keegan doesn’t like the fact that he’s unable to alter the situation.

I talked about this narrative with someone the other day, and they were impressed that we’re covering fillers and body image concerns. They applauded it for being so modern, even though it’s been around for years, but at the time, it’s a more current problem for younger girls.

Next week, when it’s revealed that Tiffany has been supplying Keegan’s sister Bernie with deadly diet pills, the young couple will face even more difficulties.

“You can imagine his dissatisfaction! But, in the end, everything comes down to trust. He’s trying to do better for his family, and he loves deeply about Bernie, “Morris told me that. “When Tiffany wanted to use surrogacy, he didn’t like it, and he’s not thrilled now that Bernie wants to use it.

“Diet pills were also given to Bernie by Keegan’s wife, which contributed to much of the problem. Keegan is candid with his family. However, they don’t reciprocate his honesty back. Tiffany’s actions could have jeopardised his sister’s pregnancy, regardless of what he thinks about it.”

Keegan’s marital issues will force him into Dotty Cotton’s arms for a kiss that could endanger his marriage.

Morris said he’s excited to dive into more exciting narratives. “I’m here to help you with that! Because Keegan has a humorous side, he’s great to play in love scenes, but I’m sure any actor would tell you they adore drama! Things that have been kept from Keegan make him feel insecure. As an actor, I can draw on all of their experiences to justify the performance and make the audience believe in it. 

According to the serial star, Keegan and the Baker-Taylor clan will be dealing with some turbulence in the coming weeks.

Then he hinted, “Keegan has to figure out how he’s going to handle the problem. Vinny has a thing for Dotty, so it’s become a love square! It will be interesting to see what Keegan decides to do next. Keegan is suddenly the target of the entire world, and part of me says, “Yeah, I don’t blame them!”

EastEnders returns to BBC One on Monday, August 2.



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