After Megan Fox Split-Up! Brain Austin Green Dating Tina Louise Tattoo Fuels Rumors!


Both actors Tina Louise and Brain Austin, with time, we’re getting closer day by day. This can be said clearly as because they were found touching and chuckling with each other at many spots.

Some report says Tina is going to visit a vegan diner, of which she’s the co-owner. However, some reports reveal that Brian was completely silent about there dating out while moving around for the walk. When media asked Brian, “how breakup  has been for him? , ” In return of this Brian said, “he won’t be saying anything about it right now.”

In the last few weeks, Tina Louise and Brian Austin have interacted a couple of times on social media revealed by some media sources. Both of them keep on sharing their pet loving events. However, as per some reports and sources, Tina and Brian were found many times going out together and are undoubtedly quite interested in each other.

Many times they are seen together by various sources, taking a stroll down the street laughing and talking with each other. After his split with his wife, Megan Fox, in this, Beverly Hills, 90210 stars, Brian Austin Green, enjoyed well in both the dates following one after.

After Megan Fox Split-Up! Brain Austin Green Dating Tina Louise Tattoo Fuels Rumors!


Tina Louise an Aussie model and also a famous Instagram model, she is 38-years-old, aside she also works as an owner of a restaurant named “sugar taco” which is also known as a very famous vegetarian and vegan restaurant. It’s famous for its amazing vegetarian cuisine. Tina Louise looks stunning in her tattoo, also her tattoo collection of got a massive fan-base. 


Brian was seen hanging out with Tina Louise, a few weeks before. Reports it’s the first the went out together. Both of them had an amazing dinner at Sugar Taco, Tina’s restaurant, at this wonderful event.


Brian on May 18th revealed that Megan had left Brain Austin green, due to personal dispute going on between the pair. In 2010, Megan has been wedded to Brain Austin green, and they have children too.

After a mutual decision, In 2015 Megan Fox filed for divorce with Brain Austin green after a massive dispute. They had their big distinctions, but after a while, she came back again in his life and they were together and she got pregnant successively the next year. Megan has moved on with Machine Gun Kelly a rapper. Who revealed it on social media that they are in love with each other.


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