After more than a decade of competitive dancing, what do you think would be Diane Buswell’s favourite memory? The answer will shock you!


Dianne Buswell is an Australian professional dancer who took part in many reality dance shows.

Her first breakthrough came in 2008, when she competed in Adult New Vogue WA Champions with her brother. Then went on to compete in Dancing with the Stars in 2015 where she was paired up with Jude Bolton.

Then she competed in BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing alongside Reverend Richard Coles. She admitted that this season was “never fun” but she still had fun it seems. 

In 2018, she was partnered with Joe Sugg in the sixteenth season of the same show as well. The pair went on to be quite successful. Then during the tour of the show, they became the couple to win the most number of shows. The fact that they were engaged in a relationship may have also caused fans to love them even more than they already did.

“… I did with Joe. That was the first time that we got a ten and that I’d ever gotten a ten on the show!” She recounted this in an interview, as she spoke with happiness about her boyfriend.

But surprisingly, the time she spent with Joe Sugg in the competition was not the most precious memory from competing in reality TV shows it seems. 

She has confirmed that the first ever dance she did on the show with Amy Dowden and Nadiya Bychkova was something that she cherished the most. She said that if she got a chance to relive any moment of her life and experienced whatever she felt at that time, she’d choose that particular dance she did with Amy and Nadiya.

She said that the three of them certainly felt like “the new kids at the block” and repeatedly pointed out that “it was such a special moment and just very surreal at the same time.”

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