After Paul Orndorff dies at aged 71, Hulk Hogan says, “heaven just got even more Wonderful.”


Paul Orndorff died at 71 years of age in the WWE Hall of Famer. Paul’s son Travis confirmed the news in an Instagram post on Monday (July 12).

“I announce my father’s passing, Paul Parlette Orndorff jr, with deep grief,” Travis added. “Paul Orndorff is more well-known as ‘Mr. #1derful.’ For his physique, most of you are going to remember him. A lot of people will recall his intensity. But if I can only get you to understand his heart and see it. He’s always going to be Pop, Paw Paw and Papa at home.”

He stated the following: “And he loved you fully for it as many of you loathed him as a wrestler. He was a wonderful father who showed me more love than I have ever deserved. I just love you, Dad.”

Hulk Hogan’s WWE Fellow Hall was among Orndorff’s numerous contemporaries who paid him homage following the news. “Just slammed by the news from Paul Orndorff, I love your brother RIP and thank you because you have always made me battle all over the game,” he said.

Having worked at the University of Tampa, Orndorff had a short career in the World Football League. He then became a successful wrestler in the NWA, with feuds like Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and Jerry Lawler, in Mid-Souther Wrestling.

The WWF went to the next level in Orndorff’s career. The pair joined forces to struggle with Hulk Hogan, and Mr T in the main 1985 event of WrestleMania’s inaugural, and Rowdy Piper became his director. Thus, Mr Wonderful has dubbed him.

In the corners of each side, Bob Orton and Jimmy Snuka had special guest referees, Muhammad Ali and Pat Patterson. In 2005, he was invited to the WWE Hall of Fame and 2009 to the National Alliance of Wrestling Hall of Fame.



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