The demo that came out after Nintendo Drive Mini on Wednesday reveals the move that fits the game’s action-packed past surprisingly brilliantly.

What more is known about it?

We follow the reference in Hyrule Warriors: Calamity Age when he first encounters Zelda, the four Champions, and more familiar faces such as Impa. The demo contains the first levels and reveals that Calamity Ganon has not taken over by the enigmatic Sheik Guardian that has been seen in the promotional arts.

This cute Sheik creature ends up with Link and Impa while defending Hyrule Castle against the powers of Ganon and is charged with shielding Zelda as she discovers more about this egg-fashioned Sheik and completes the Champions. While we all know how it turns out, the Age of Calamity managed to tell an amazing story.

The accessible approach of the Wild to narrative made it all unforgettable. The calamity age is more chronological and narration. Even the very first scenes are tragic when you know how this war ends. Zelda’s shocking discovery of Calamity Ganon as she wins is an especially unforgettable scene.

Here is a breath of wild voice acting presentation, as these scenes are much more powerful than the only text of the original Hyrule Warriors. If the full ages of calamity are like that, it could exceed the same heights as Rogue One: Star Wars Story.

The entire age of calamity. Even if you knew that they would eventually die, this film made you care for his characters, and the Age of Calamity is doing something similar. We know that they are destined to fail, but we still cheer for them.

Although the plot is the most interesting thing for Zelda Legend, gaming is no slouch. The era of Calamity uses the battle system “Musou” used in games such as the Warriors’ Dynasty. This formula essentially involves players who engage in massive combat against armies of enemies while pursuing particular goals, winning forts, and controlling armies.

Between big struggles, players can upgrade and complete their characters. All this is current, but the Age of calamity varies from related names, including the original Hyrule Warriors by integrating Breath of the Wild elements into a battle.

The Calamity era is much more complex than the traditional Musou game. The second stage of this demonstration is a highlight where a Guardian hunts and assaults the players. 

They must damage it substantially before going into the killing, by unloading other damaged guards.

Stay tuned with us to know more about it and enjoy reading.


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