Agent Carter will be playing the role of poison Ivy in the third season of Batwoman.


Bridget Regan, who starred in Agent Carter, will portray Poison Ivy in the highly anticipated third season of Batwoman.

“The Flash” returns in October with a new character, Pamela Isley, a skilled botanist who had her life turned upside down when a coworker experimented on.

When the flame-haired scientist found that she had remarkable abilities after being injected with various plant toxins, she began to utilise them for ecoterrorism.

As a result of Batwoman and her supporters being aware of her deadly ways, a fight arises between her and Team Caped Crusader.

As Agent Carter’s Rose Solano and con artist Rebecca Lowe/Rachel Turner in White Collar demonstrate, Regan is no stranger to playing a baddie on screen or in real life.

Taking to Instagram on Monday (August 30) to acknowledge her new role as a guest star, she commented, “This is going to be fun.” She also shared Deadline, the original report.

Following the announcement of Regan’s casting, Gotham’s Victoria Cartagena will join the cast as police officer Renny Montoya. At the same time, Law & Order star Nick Creegan and River Givens will appear as “charming playboy” Marques Jet and his mother, Jada.

When Ryan Wilder/Batwoman (Javicia Leslie) confronted Rachel Skarsten’s villainous Alice, she revealed that her biological mother didn’t die in childbirth as she’d believed all these years.

Additionally, it was rumoured that Jada had “a dark history which caused [her] to give up [her] firstborn child,” therefore, it is possible that Jada is Ryan’s long-lost parent. If that’s the case, no one knows if the titular vigilante will learn that lesson for herself in the following chapter.

As of now, Batwoman airs on The CW in the US and on E4 in the UK.


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