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Air force one is a movie whose storyline is quite interesting but old fashioned in many sense. The President of the United States travelled to Moscow and delivered an enticing speech outlining America’s new “zero-tolerance” terrorism policy. 

Terrorists hijack Air Force One on its way back home and kidnap passengers. 

The President’s official plane (including his wife and daughter). 

Unless their demands are met, the terrorists intend to execute one hostage every half hour.

The terrorists, on the other hand, are taken aback because the President is a former recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Marshall is the type of person who refers to a shift in US foreign policy. He took a big risk when he said that America would no longer tolerate terrorist governments. When he boards his plane on the way home, he quickly puts his policy into action.

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Review Of Air Force One

Once in the air, “Air Force One,” which is now under the command of Russian radicals, is hijacked and demands the release of the leader, or else it will be executed every half hour.

Harrison Ford plays the action hero as he crosses the plane, identifies a couple of terrorists, frees several hostages, and tries to contact his wife and daughter.

Gary Oldman almost steals the show as Ivan Korshunov, the lead terrorist who hijacks the President’s plane.

With tense and sweeping sequences from each compartment of the massive aircraft to Washington’s White House, Wolfgang Petersen, who controls the action with his usual skill, builds the challenge.


Air Force One pilots attempt to land in an emergency location at Ramstein Air Base, but are killed when one of Korshunov’s men takes control of the plane. An Air Force One group of F-15s is dispatched to assist. 

Korshunov is piloting the plane toward Kazakhstan, and he is directly pleading with the White House to listen to his demands from Dean Stockwell, Vice President Kathryn Bennett (Glenn Close), and Defense. Korshunov demands General Radek’s release every six months until his claims are met in exchange for the hostage’s execution. Shortly after, the President’s escape pod was discovered, but he was not inside.

Marshall hid on the aircraft during the fire to save his family, which both the White House and Korshunov are unaware of. According to the White House, the president has escaped from Air Force One, while Korshunov and his men have murdered Marshall.

Korshunov made it clear in his communications with White House personnel and military leaders that he thought Marshall was a coward for abandoning his family and employees, and he rummaged the Vice President.

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