Alexander Siddig has some great ideas for a Deep Space Nine revival


A Star Trek was talked about: the reboot from Deep Space Nine, and the potentiality of Captain Benjamin Sisko for a return to action by Avery Brooks. In most cases, new actors take on the roles of the characters when a show has started up again, and fans have to decide whether they accept them or not. But Dr. Julian Bashir’s Alexander Siddig has a better idea than starting from scratch for Deep Space Nine.

Siddig suggests when talking to that a revival should take place of the series which enables fans to see what some of the characters do now. That might be like some shows, such as The Gilmore Girls with The Gilmore Girls: a very successful year in life. And since Deep Space Nine has ended almost 22 years ago, there would be plenty of room to cover. It sounds more interesting to catch up with the characters than to start with new actors.

We all know what the characters were when the stories ended, but there must have been several major changes over two decades later and these could all have made dramatic and compelling lines of stories. Captain Sisko, for example, returned from the Prophets? Did Kasidy expect him, or did she move on? On the station? Has Dr. Bashir got deeper into Section 31 and did Kira stay as her commander on the station, or did she find another call?

Rebooting talks can excite fans, but they can quickly become disappointed if they do not include the original actors.


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