Alexander Skarsgård : The MCU’s Thor in Alternate Universe Artwork


Recently a wonderful artwork has surfaced on Instagram and has been praised much, where the digital creator art of time travel has uploaded an art in which actor Alexander Skarsgård has been shown as alternate universe’s Thor.

A little history:

The character Thor was last seen in Marvels Cinematic Universe in the Avengers: Endgame movie which was not only a large crucial and business success but it also featured one final showdown of all Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) heroes against the supernatural power of Thanos.

After the Thano’s notorious snap, Thor is shown depresses and the shadows of his past. But better late than never, Avenger’s TIME heist, Thor is shown wielding Storm breaker and Mjolnir withing the Battle of the Earth. 

As per the speculation, die-hard fans of Thor’s character can anticipate another solo movie in 2022 based on Thor’s yet another adventure as “Thor: Love and Thunder”

Enough praises of our favourite Thor, now let us talk about the new Thor in the recent artwork. Will Alexander be the new Thor?

If your vote is for YES or your vote is for NO, in both the cases you can be right, let us explore how.

  • If you remember, Doctor Strange will be shown in another MCU movie named as Doctor Strange withing the Multiverse of Madness, which will feature Benedict Cumberbatch again, who will try to untangle various mysteries of the multiverse.
  • During his explorations of the multiverse, it is a highly likely possibility that he encounters this new Thor from another universe altogether (he might meet all other heroes from other universes too)

If this is the case, The Newly featured THOR in artoftimetravel, Alexander Skarsgård can be the new Thor.

After if you see the Digital creator artoftimetravel’s work, Alexander Skarsgård is shown wearing Thor’s iconic costume with his winged helmet. To add to more details and speculation, artoftimetravel has also included scratches on Alexander’s face to depict that he was in combat recently.

If you see the artwork more closely, you can see a bolt of lightning from the stormy sky, to show the Son of Odin’s powers.


So not to worry the old Thor is not going anywhere, but to add to the amazement, a new Thor can appear soon. There are no official announcements about all this by now, but soon we will get to know more about it, until then stay with us and stay safe.


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