Alice – Everything You Need To Know About Release Date, Cast Members And Plotline


Alice’ is a sci-fi show that denotes the arrival of ‘Good Doctor’ entertainer Joo Won to acting. The show replaces the timeslot that was recently involved by Ji Chang-Wook and Kim Yoo-jung’s ‘Backstreet Rookie’ on SBS.

Alice is that spine-chiller including a major turn and a skilled cast. The film is set in the Antebellum locale of Georgia during the 1970s and manages topics of social liberties, subjugation, and vengeance.

Alice is an account of finding oneself, battling for the opportunity, and settling the score.

Roused by evident occasions, the thrill ride instructs crowds that making the right decision is rarely off-base.

Composed and coordinated by Krystin Ver Linden in her first time at the helm, the engaging female-fronted film shows the strength of the human soul and what lengths individuals will go to for eagerness and power.

On the off chance that you’re hoping to get familiar with the enabling spine chiller, read on. We’ve arranged all the data you really want about the impending film in this convenient aide.

What Is The Release Date Of Alice?

Alice made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2022, however, the female-fronted story of retribution and awesomeness will be delivered dramatically in the US and Canada on March 18, 2022.

From Where Can You Watch Alice Online?

In evident 70s design, Alice will be delivered in performance centers with no word on when or then again in the event that the thrill ride will be accessible to stream.

So tie on your foundation boots and get your cowhide coat before you head out to watch Alice get herself and settle the score.

What’s Going To Plot For The Movie?

The engaging film is roused by evident occasions of Black Americans who remained oppressed for quite a long time after the Emancipation Proclamation. It took more time for insight about the law to spread the nation over, with many slave proprietors declining to agree.

One lady specifically, Mae Louise Walls Miller didn’t get her independence from oppression until 1963, one hundred years after the announcement was given.

Mae’s dad was fooled into marking an agreement that he was unable to peruse which oppressed him and his whole family. Unfit to leave the land they were attached to and with no TV, the family had no clue about what was happening in the rest of the world.

At age 14, Mae endeavored to escape, just to be gotten and gotten back to her capturers. Soon thereafter, Mae went through the forest once more, however, this time she was taken in by the family rest of her family sometime thereafter.

Alice takes Mae’s story and adorns it, changing the year and the activities taken against the group of slave masters, drawing motivation from Pam Grier’s hit-lady character in the 1973 film Coffy and blending a The Village-style wind in with the blaxploitation retribution of Django Unchained.

Alice, a lady who was naturally introduced to and kept in oppression by the Bennett family, faces torment and beatings by the one who calls himself her lord.

At the point when her better half, an oppressed man living on an adjoining estate, is to be shipped off to be utilized as a stud to make more dark kids to subjugate, Alice chooses to getaway.


Quickly getting away through the forest, Alice recognizes a clearing simply past the treeline, however when she shows up she observes that the clearing is a cleared street, and when a semi-truck shrieks to an end before her Alice blacks out, incapable to fathom what she has seen.

At the point when Alice stirs inside the semi-truck, Frank, the man driving, inquires as to whether she knows where she is and illuminates her that it is 1973. Having carried on with her life like she were as yet during the 1800s, Alice has a long way to go about her general surroundings.

Unfit to compose however ready to peruse, Alice goes through Frank’s assortment of books and finds out about Harriet Tubman, The Emancipation Proclamation, and the Civil Rights development of the 1950s and 1960s.

In the wake of concentrating on the words, Alice chooses to look for vengeance on individuals who tortured her for the aggregate of her life.

Honest then takes more time to see the 1973 activity film Coffy, which stars Pam Grier as a strong and snazzy attendant turned executioner who goes out of control trying to take out the men liable for the medication ring that left her younger sibling a fiend.

Alice, presently in a period of liberal design, compares herself to Coffy, changing into a calfskin coat and turning in her twists for an impeccably picked afro prior to choosing to return to the manor to look for retaliation.

Who Is Going To Cast For The Alice Movie?

Joo Won who will appear for the role of Park Jin-gyeom

Entertainer Joo Won will be seen on screen in the wake of three difficult years. He last showed up as the lead in the 2017 show ‘My Sassy Girl’, and his most famous show is ‘Great Doctor’ which was changed in the US with a similar title.

While the first comprises of 16 episodes, the American form has been fruitful and is at present in its fourth season.

Kim Hee-Seon Who Will Appear For The Role Of Yoon Tae-Yi

 Entertainer Kim Hee-Seon assumes the part of a virtuoso physicist who shows up in the present regardless of having kicked the bucket in the past through a space called Alice. Hee-Seon is notable for her jobs in ‘Furious Mom’, ‘Confidence’, and ‘The Lady in Dignity.

Who Is Going To Direct The Movie?

‘Alice’ is coordinated by Baek Soo-chan, who is notable for his different shows that circulated on SBS, for example, ‘Lovely Gong Shim’, ‘Into the World Again’ and ‘A Girl Who Sees Smells’ among others.

Alice – Is There Any Trailer Revealed Out?

In the trailer of ‘Alice’, we see Jin-gyeom ride the universes of the past, present, and future as he researches the space that he calls Alice.

He makes sense of how he began as a criminal investigator to get what truly befell his mom, and he is hell-bent on tracking down the reality behind her passing.

He additionally guarantees Tae-yi, an individual from before, who he meets again in the present with the assistance of Alice that he will track down the mystery behind Alice’s presence.

How the two explore this mystery space as people keep on making a trip from the future to the present and venture to carry out wrongdoings is the essence of this sci-fi show.

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