Alicia Silverstone Revealed: The Son’s Bullied For His Long Hair!


Alicia Silverstone was expressing her happiness on Instagram by saying that Alicia Silverstone is very much proud of her 9-years-old son. But Alicia Silverstone also mentioned that he was bullied over his long hairs by his friends and he had the best response for it. 

Alicia Silverstone mentioned in her Instagram that once during camping, other kids were making fun of her son’s long hairs. After he returned from the camp, he had informed about the same to her.

Alicia Silverstone thought that he wants to cut it off and they already had a scheduled appointment with the parlor, however, what happened next was a surprise for the actress. 

Alicia Silverstone was completely astonished after listening to his request in the parlor. Alicia Silverstone mentioned that he asked for a good trim so that he can grow his hair even longer. 

Alicia Silverstone was very happy to see her boy had overcome the bullies so quickly. Alicia Silverstone mentioned that Alicia Silverstone loved his hair and he knows about his own choices. 

Alicia Silverstone further mentioned how other parents push their children to fit into society and not allow them to live freely.  Alicia Silverstone also expressed her feelings that Alicia Silverstone would never impose the social burden on her son going forward. 

In her experience, Alicia Silverstone has seen many successful and handsome actors in Hollywood with long hairs like brad Pitt., Jason Momoa, and many others. Further, Alicia Silverstone jokingly added Jesus’ name on the list of long-haired hunks. 

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