Alison Hammond from This Morning’s shares “awful” fall footage

Source: Digital Spy

Alison Hammond, the presenter of the Morning, recently fell into her garden. She reminded us of this “terrible” event in front of co-stars Dermot O’Leary and Rustie Lee during the show’s yesterday edition (July 2), which were split in reactions: Dermot nervous and she could not hold her fun.

With CCTV set up outside her home, Alison was able, with her brother, compelled to act as she struck the moist pavement to show viewers precisely what transpired. The TV celebrity set the scenario, saying: “I started to step out, got the rain on my face, my arms got out and something awful was happening… I [run away]!”

Source: Digital Spy

When the camera takes her in the middle of the slip, a love emoji has been covering Alison’s “moderation,” as she seems to want to wear underwear after a day’s labour. “You know, that is quite a severe fall,” she added. She thought she was breaking her leg before admitting it at first.

Alison informed Dermot and Rustie, continuing her terrible story: “It’s been a trauma! This vein did not only come straight behind my knee… I was like: “Oh my God, I have DVT [Deep Venus Thrombosis]. This was not just that.”

She was told to go to the hospital immediately to check out, and she stayed for about seven hours before she was told that everything was all right and that there was no DVT present. This Morning’s will be broadcast on ITV from 10 am on weekdays.

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