Alita Battle Angel 2 will play on the track where Alita will seek vengeance 


Alita Battle Angel released with high anticipation. The movie started with a mild pace in the theatres but gradually it acquired deserving attention. It was added to the list of must-watch movies of 2019. The story of Alita Battle Angel is about a girl, Alita. 

She finds herself in a city but has no hold over her past memory. She comes across various warriors and lands up beating them all. She starts getting a small glimpse of her past but still couldn’t join all the dots. Later, she participates in a competition where she beats many competitors. Gradually, she understands that she is a trained cyborg. The climax of the movie closes on the note where she discovers herself. 

The movie is a Japanese adaptation and created by James Cameron and Rodriguez. The movie is complete entertainment. From graphics to the storyline, the work done by the team is phenomenal. Alita Battle Angel garnered huge fans and critical acclaim. The movie’s ongoing popularity forced the creators to come up with the second edition. 

Here, we are with all the important information about the movie. 

Alita Battle Angel 2 will play on the track where Alita will seek vengeance

Release date of Alita Battle Angel 2: 

There has been no official announcement for the movie. However, the first part closed in a cliffhanger, and thus the second part is confirmed. The heavy collection of the movie has affirmed the news of the Alita Battle Angel 2 release. However, fans still have to wait for the concentre date for the same. 

A plot of Alita Battle Angel 2: 

The story of Alita Battle Angel ended with Hugo’s death. Alita was heartbroken and she filled with vengeance. Being a battle angel, she is now anticipated to create ruckus in her enemy’s life. The upcoming plot of the movie would bring the rebel side out. The first movie had decent action sequences. We are suspecting the next would have way more than the first one. 

The cast of Alita Battle Angel 2: 

The confirmed cast of Alita Battle Angel 2:

 Rosa Salazar will return as Alita. Christoph Waltz will reprise as Dr. Dyson Ido. Jennifer Connelly will be once again seen as Dr. Chiren. Mahershala Ali will be seen as Vector. Ed Skrein will play the character of Japan. Jackie Earle Haley will be seen as Grewishka. The surprise entry expected in the movie would be Keean Johnson playing as Hugo. We are anticipating that he would be playing the flashback sequences to help Alita fight against her enemies. 

Well, that was all from our side. Keep tuned in for more exciting updates on upcoming movies. 


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