All Blumhouse Horror Movies Ranked


A collection of four scary features, each having its own way of getting into the minds of the audience with a diverse group of titles has rolled out exclusively on Amazon Prime Video earlier this month and is considered to be an ultimate excellent fodder for the holiday season. 

Veena Sud’s The Lie and Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour’s Black Box debuted in the first week of October whereas Elan and Rajeev Dassani’s Evil Eye and Zu Quirke’s Nocturne came out in the second week of October. And now is the time for some fun as we’ll be stacking them against each other to find which one of these titles is the best of the bunch.

  1. The Lie

The Lie focuses on an intimate story of a girl (Joey King) who commits a horrible act in her teenage and her parents come to the rescue to shield her from consequences. To do so, they go to varied lengths which they may have never thought they would. The journey is beautiful and the three of the leads provide great performances. The only problem with it is its predictability as the viewers would quite know what would happen next. 

  1. Evil Eye

The mother and daughter are separated geographically by thousands and thousands of miles and the drama along with the tension continues to escalate as the distance means that much more, particularly when it comes to the latter’s romantic life and the frequent arguments related to the matter. The mother believes that her daughter’s potential-future-husband has some connection with a horrific incident that happened in the past.

The top 2 on our list cannot be expressed merely in words. You need to watch them from scratch and enjoy the journey and that’s when you’ll feel like your mind has been blown. Without spoiling even a bit of it for you, the second one on the list is Blackbox whereas the list topper for today is Nocturne. Go enjoy the journey exclusively on Amazon Prime Video!


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