All details that are there to know about My True Crime Story.


If you’re a real criminal show buff, it looks that a little too long, you’re going to be caught with a red hand to witness another crime show. VH1 just unveiled its latest “My True Crime Story” series, which includes first-person testimonies of those involved in headline crime collection.

Remy Ma, a rapper-actor, who knows first hand how to get caught up in the short life, will be present at the performance. After her arrest in July 2007 for allegedly shooting her friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph at a Manhattan night hangout, Remy herself was jailed.

On the 2 August, the debut of ‘My True Crime Story’ on VH1. ‘My True Crime Story’ is scheduled for a premiere on 2 August at 10 pm. In paramount +, the episodes can also be streamed.

In the official summary, it was stated, “Each episode follows regular, well-meaning people, who engage in sensational and ultimately redemptive illegal activities. Told by the people who went through these mishaps that change their lives, the exciting stories include international trafficking, millions of bucket heists, bank robbery and trafficking in drugs. But, was it worth it when it all collapses?”

Rapper, singer, actor Remy is a particular fan of VH1, and she and her husband Papoose have starred on the show ‘Love and Hip Hop’ since 2015. The major hits for Remy include ‘Ante Up, Lean Back,’ ‘Conceited’, and ‘All the Way Up,’ and include ‘Ante Up.’ 

She has also received critical accolades for her music and was nominated for three Grammy awards, and is one of just four winners of the 2005 and 2017 BET Award for the Best Female Hip Hop Artist. In addition, she is one of six women rappers that consistently top the Hot 100 chart on the Billboard. However, Remy’s life was full of turmoil, while she had a good profession.

She had been arrested in 2007 and formally stopped her rap career while serving time for the offence. She released ‘The BX Files,’ ‘Shesus Khryst’, and ‘Blasremy’ during her imprisonment. In 2014, Remy was released.

The ‘My True Crime Story’ clip depicts the rise and fall of the intellects behind some of the leading crimes. Find out what was happening to your head at the moment of the crime and how you try to put together your lives.


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