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After rumours for a comeback in Netflix, the Manifest was officially discontinued.

The series, initially engraved by NBC after its cliffhanger three final seasons, was talked to the streamer about a revival after a hit was demonstrated with its subscribers in the US.

Deadline claims, however, that Netflix now passes a 4-season option and that the Warner BrosTV studio in Manifest chose not to rehouse the show because of the challenges associated with casting and digital rights.

Manifesto creator Jeff Rake praised followers for their support after posting on Twitter. “Thanks to You, our supporters,” wrote Rake. “On Comic-Con 2018, you became the demonstrators. Since that time, you’ve been watching, parsing every word, crying a lot, laughing a bit, resolving puzzles and always supporting yourself. I never will forget that. I will never forget that.”

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The event also replied to the final cancellation of the concert. Actriz Melissa Roxburgh Michaela Stone wrote: “What a journey, my goodness. You have been the best years of my life for the last three years. This encounter is going to miss Forever.”

Luna Blaise wrote to Olive Stone actress: “Jeff Rake, thanks for letting me reside with Olive. She’s ever going to be a part of me. I’m always going to be thankful. #Manifest ily.”

The actor Daryl Edwards said: Robert Vance: “I never worked like Manifest with a cast or crew. I never engaged like demonstrators with fans. Smart, helpful, compassionate and bright. Next time I’m going to see you all. Love you, hold on to faith.”

It means that supporters of the Manifest may never know about Flight 828 or its 191 passengers.

While the teaser of a season 3 promised to reveal the primary mystery of the show, the season closed without actually doing so – but it was pointed out that Flight 828 had mysteriously disappeared, connecting in 2010 with the remains of Noah’s Ark.

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