Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? Hugh Laurie’s Agatha Christie adaption Emma Thompson and Jim Broadbent have joined the series, featuring a stellar British cast.

“Why didn’t they ask Evans?” asks the dying man in Agatha’s 1934 mystery novel “The Vicar’s Son.” The three-part drama follows the local vicar’s son and his socialite friend to investigate a murder.

Emma Thompson and Jim Broadbent will play Lord and Lady Marcham, and Lucy Boynton will play Lady Frances. In addition to Hugh Laurie, BritBox will air the series, which is presently in production in New York.

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? by Agatha Christie. Bobby, the son of a local vicar, and Lady Frankie (Lucy Boynton), an adventurous socialite, become amateur detectives to uncover the murder of a man they find dead on a golf course. So why didn’t they ask Evans?

They find a picture of a lovely woman in his pocket but no identification. Deaths pile up as Frankie and Bobby unofficially take over in Agatha Christie’s trademark flair.

“An honest and likeable young man who becomes engaged in the intriguing title question,” says Will Poulter of The Revenant. She is “a bright and unflappable young woman with a flair for adventure,” says Lucy Boynton, who plays Lady Frankie, his socialite pal. Her father, Lord Marcham, is portrayed by Jim Broadbent, while Emma Thompson portrays Lady Marcham.

“The Night Manager’s” Hugh Laurie will also star as Dr James Nicholson, who runs a sanatorium under dubious circumstances.

Jonathan Jules and Morwenna Banks are also in the cast, along with Paul Whitehouse, Conleth Hill from Game of Thrones, Joshua James, and Daniel Ings.

Agatha Christie adaptations are usually televised around the holidays, so fans will have to wait until the end of the year or 2022. Then, BritBox will debut the series.



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