All Information On Humble Politician Nograj Full Movie Download

All Information On Humble Politician Nograj Full Movie Download
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About the Movie Humble Politician Nograj

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Humble Politician Nograj is a comedy film written and directed by Saad Khan in 2018 in Kannada’s Indian language. The film stars Danish Sait, playing Nograj, the egotistical politician’s title character. The movie was produced under Pushkar Films, Lost & Found Films and Paramvah Studios by Pushkara Mallikarjunaiah, Hemanth M Rao and Rakshit Shetty. The film inspired the 2012 American film The Campaign.

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All Information On Humble Politician Nograj Full Movie Download
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Humble Politician Nograj Movie Plot Details

Nograj (Danish Sait) and his dedicated aide Monjunath, the MLA of which, Hanumanthe Gowda (JagatPrabhu F. Kumar), is a corrupt corporate of a fictitious electoral seat called DS Nagar, treat corporate workers like their minions and take credit for their public successes. 

This was when Nograj repaved a road (3 times cost), but JFK took credit for it. Nograj and his OBP colleague conduct a trash strike to remove JFK and run a big parking fraud, all to fuel outrage against JFK. This public indignation leads to the refusal to allow JPA to stand in the forthcoming MLA election of President KG Byrappa (Akki Basappa).

Nograj persuades Gurudas Bhat (Raghu Ramakoppa), Party Secretary, to stand up for Michael Narayan, OBP Vice president, but Gurudas also believes it must be noted. To do this, Nograj bribed Kempaiah, the electrician, to shut the grid. Nograj menaces openly to cut itself off if the power that leads to power is not returned.

The NRI managing an honest pharmaceutical business, Arun Patil (Roger Narayan), sees the government’s inefficiency and chooses to try and alter it by running for MLA. Patil concentrates rather than on hate promotion, on providing solutions to issues. Moreover, Patil finds that Nograj has been behind a fraud that charges tankers with inflated water fees, which results in a persistent water deficit.

He does not, however, like Nograj himself, provide the information like a typical politician. In order to grab his manifesto for his speech, Nograj and Monjunath broke unsuccessfully into the office of Patil. Although Patil’s colleagues are asking him to release the film of the break-in Nograj, Patil refuses to state that more vital matters have to be focused on. Patil’s speeches show plainly how he can transform his administration positively, while Nograj talks foolishly to paid followers.

To make Patil look worse, Nograj generates controversy. Nograj chases Patil and his physicians’ photographs allowing his wife Rama to allege that he has harassed her. He also coerces Patil’s former Muslim employee to declare that he was fired for his religion after selling drugs in the Black Market. Nograj meets Patil in his house and finds him kind and honest, and thinks again about the mud he does. 

Following Monjunath’s remembrance of his true purpose of making maximum money, Nograj lets Monjunath and his other assistant, Pramod beat Nograj and blamed Patil for his wounds. The Nograj gang uses dirty techniques to guarantee electoral fraud on election day, such as alcoholic beverage, money, etc. When the results were announced, Nograj won but tricked Patil into thinking he would give Patil the championship. 

He feels Patil should be a citizen, like everyone else, because he thought Nograj was genuine and celebrated passionately with the OBP parties. Asked Patil why Nograj’s water scam had not been unveiled, Rama told Patil he would never stay at Nograj’s level.

All Information On Humble Politician Nograj Full Movie Download
Source: Dailymotion

Humble Politician Nograj Movie Filming and Other Details

His longtime producer and friend Saad Khan wrote a film with him based on the same character. Following Danish Sait’s notoriety as Nograj in different radio shows and YouTube videos. In four days, you wrote the story. The film was co-produced by Pushkara Mallikarjunaiah, Hemanth M Rao and Rakshit Shetty.

The album consists of a single song titled “Problem Song” by Telugu’s music director Sricharan Pakala in his debut at Kannada. This song is sung by Aditya Parashar and Poojan Kohli, which includes the Danish Sait, Aditya Parashar, Vamsidhar Bhogaraju and Suni poet.

On 12 January, the film was launched in Bangalore. It has been published in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the United States. The first Kannada film released on prime was released on Amazon Prime video on 7 February.

The film mainly garnered excellent feedback.

“Watch this for Nograj, Monjunath, and several LOL momentum, with a relevant message at the end of the movie.” The Times of India ran the movie three out of five stars. In its assessment, Bangalore Mirror remarked, “For the same reason, Nograj does make his opponent realise the picture cannot resonate with everyone. However, in a meaningful film, it is an honest effort.”

Indian Express graded the film as three and a half out of five stars. It said, “Humble Nograj writer’s actual achievement lies in his attempt to build a logical film backed by a clearly defined story, script and intelligent dialogue.”

Audience review: Humble Nograj, politician, will make you chuckle. The film is more fun than you think. You’ll be surprised to see how inventive certain “dumb” and amusing scenes are. For this comedy, you chose only the right people. Silty, humorous, seductive, crazy, you could anticipate! Not at the top. It’s only laughing and a bit sentimental. Clearly, the director tried in between those laughs to deliver folks a message.

All Information On Humble Politician Nograj Full Movie Download

Humble Politician Nograj Movie Cast Details

  • Danish Sait is Humble Politician Nograj
  • Vijay Chendoor is Monjunath
  • Sumukhi Suresh is Lavanya
  • Roger Narayan is Arun Patil
  • Sruthi Hariharan is Rama
  • Vamsidhar Bhogaraju is Pramod
  • Raghu Ramankoppa is Secretary Gurudas Bhat
  • Hanumanthegowda is Jagatprabhu F Kumar Aka JFK
  • Pramod Shetty is Shankar
  • Shiv Manju is Nanjundaiah
  • Srinivas Prabhu is Michael Narayan
  • Akki Basappa is K.G. Byrappa
  • Mohammed Ashraf is Azam Khan
  • Roopesh Naik
  • Vinay Krishnaswamy is Prof. Narasimha
  • Nitesh Nittur is Doctor in Nograj’s dream 
  • Puneeth Rajkumar is himself

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