All Information That You Need About Anjaam Pathira Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

All Information That You Need About Anjaam Pathira Full Movie Download Tamilrockers
Source: New Indian Express

About the Movie Anjaam Pathira

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Anjaam Pathiraa is a thriller crime movie written by Midhun Manuel Thomas in the Indian language of Malayalam in 2020. Kunchacko Boban, Sreenath Bhasi, Sharaf U Dheen, Unnimaya Prasad, Jinu Joseph are among the stars of this film. The soundtrack was written by Shyju Shyam while the filmmaker Shyju Khalid. 

The narrative involves a group of police sleepers, helped to disclose the identity of an innocent killer who uses horrific tools to massacre his victims. Anwar Hussain is the consultant criminal. The movie was called Midnight Murder in Telugu and has been released on the Aha OTT. In 2021 the film was made as a psycho in Bengali.

All Information That You Need About Anjaam Pathira Full Movie Download Tamilrockers
Source: The Hindu

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Anjaam Pathira Movie Plot Details

Anwar Hussain is a psychologist who, on an extraordinary suggestion made by his ACP buddy Anil Madhavan, works as a criminal consultant in Kochi City Police. DYSP Abraham Koshi is stolen one night, and his body is left in the heart and eyes of a gypsum field. DCP Catherine conducts the investigation. The autopsy report confirms the presence of Zolpidem in the body but no symptoms.

A second officer of the police will be missing in several days. His body and a figure of the Lady Justice will be found in the rear of the police station. In the previous crime scene from the forensic photographs, Anwar found a similar object. The results of the autopsy are identical to before.

The CCTV image of the station was manipulated, which also indicates that the assassin was a security hacker. For cyber-inquiry, Anwar uses hacker Andrew. Catherine has a strategy to appeal to the killer, where two police are supposed to paire and patrol nights at a distance of 100 metres. Catherine’s Paulson driver is abducted during duty. His video footage of the scooter shows a wolf disguised man and another man’s voice, which proves they act as a team.

The body of Paulson is supplied in a refrigerator box in Anwar’s house. A cocaine dealer’s fingerprint is found, Shameer. You’re going to follow him inside a cottage where you’ll find his body. It’s a cool thing. Anwar unintentionally uncovers a unique signature on his sculptor, Sudhakar Devalokam. This signature proves to be a signature. In questioning, Sudhakar confesses that he created five of them for two guys who, after delivering it, blinded him. Anwar deduces that two more killings will take place.

Another day following a battle in his home, CI Sharathchandran was abducted, where they also found a fidget spinner beside the figurine. In a Kochi Metro train, his body is dropped by a woman. This replaces Catherine with Prakash Seetharam from the ACP. The prescription medicine called Tenormin was taken routinely by Sharathchandran.

Anwar theorises that murderers put Zolpidem into the victim’s body somehow before the abduction and hysterics her to remove them; Tenormin is an anti-Zolpidem medicine. Therefore the hypnosis of Sharathchandran was failed, and consequently, the battle. Anwar remembers seeing the pictures for a murderous psychopath and hacker named Simon of a similar spinner in the police file. 

While Anwar was not persuaded that Simon is recorded dead when he was in a prison explosion, Andrew acknowledges Simon as the one who dressed up as the train’s woman. Anwar recounts his discoveries; however, Simon and the corpse of his criminal associate Aravindan were found with a suicide letter confessing to the murder that morning. Anwar was untrustworthy and thought that the probe was stopped.

All Information That You Need About Anjaam Pathira Full Movie Download Tamilrockers
Source: Times of India

Anjaam Pathira Movie, What Happens Ahead?

After a guy arrives at his workshop for a sixth figure, Anwar is called Sudhakar. He created a composite facial. Anwar identifies Dr Benjamin Louis as a psychologist. Anwar discovers from Benjamin’s foster parent Sudhevan that his sister, Rebecca, was permeated with Bennet Franko’s priest when Benjamin was an adolescent. 

After Louis’ father reported the crime, he was framed by Anil and Sharathchandran for the rape of his daughter by collecting Father Bennet’s bribe. Their father committed suicide in prison, and he was imprisoned in a remote monastery. Benjamin travelled later to the United States for higher education and got back.

Anwar deduces that the first three killings were random, and Sharathchandran and Anil are the genuine targets. He went to warn Anil but only found his car. Anwar discovers Benjamin’s van from a nearby drone, Andrew follows it to a pig farm. Before Anil can kill, Benjamin is stopped by Anwar and two police. Benjamin knocks them, and Anwar chokes, but Benjamin and Catherine save him.

Benjamin does not reveal his reasons for inquiring. Anwar deduces that Simon’s charred corpse is Bennet’s, which he misidentified in jail. While transiting to bring him to court, Benjamin was killed by his escort officers in a bogus meeting. Similarly, in his apartment, a woman visits Anil. When Anwar leaves and discovers Anil dead, Anwar enters. Anwar beckons Rebecca through the window, to which she turns back and watches over him as credits have started rolling.

All Information That You Need About Anjaam Pathira Full Movie Download Tamilrockers
Source: The Indian Express

Anjaam Pathira Movie Cast Details

  • Kunchacko Boban is Dr Anwar Hussain
  • Sharaf U Dheen is Dr Benjamin Louis
  • Sreenath Bhasi is Andrew, a hacker
  • Jinu Joseph is ACP Anil Madhavan
  • Unnimaya Prasad is DCP Catherine Maria IPS
  • Abhiram Radhakrishnan is SI Pradeep Raman
  • Harikrishnan is SI Arun Mathew
  • Divya Gopinath is SI Preethi Pothuval
  • Remya Nambeesan is Fathima Anwar, Anwar’s wife
  • Indrans is Ripper Ravi, a serial killer on death row
  • Assim Jamal is DIG Hashim IPS
  • Jaffar Idukki is Louis, Benjamin’s and Rebecca’s father
  • Shaju Sreedhar is Paulson, the Police constable
  • Amina Nijam is Vicky Maria
  • Sadiq is Dr. Sreekanth
  • Sudheesh is Sudevan
  • Boban Samuel is DySP Abraham Koshy
  • Jaise Jose is CI Sharathchandran
  • Mathew Thomas is Young Benjamin Louis
  • Nandhana Varma is Young Rebecca Louis
  • Sudheer Sufi is Simon Manjooran / Psycho Simon
  • Arjun Nandhakumar is ACP Prakash Seetharam IPS
  • Arun is Fr. Bennet Franco
  • Majeed is Minister
  • Zhinz Shan is a Jail police officer
  • Paul D Joseph is Police Constable
  • Preman is Police Constable
  • Rajan Pootharakkal is Aravindan Kartha
  • Santhosh Laxman is a Bengali worker
  • Dileesh Nair is Cocaine Shameer
  • Priyanandanan is Sudhakar Devalokam
  • Nazreen Nazar is Mythili Sudhakar
  • Siyona is Samskrithi
  • Gilu Joseph is Doctor
  • Nikhila Vimal is Rebecca Louis 

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