All of BoJack Horseman’s live interests: Ranked by likability


Netflix has given us many series and movies which compete with each other to win the heart of fans. One of those masterpieces includes the TV series BoJack Horseman and his character was loved by the fans. In the Whole series, fans can see BoJack involved in love and romantic scenarios and serious relationships that always ended on a bad note making it the most troubled and depressed fictional characters.

Here is the list of a few of the likable of Horseman in the five seasons of the series:

Ana Spanikopita:

Ana was one of the most unlikable romantic partners. She hooked up with him but in reality, she was not at all interested in him. She dated him to know about herself and her own best interest. But when she started to fall in love with him, she didn’t reciprocate her feelings.


She was not much liked by BoJack because she cheated on her boyfriend, Todd Chavez to have just a one-night stand with BoJack. Moreover, she was not even sorry for what she did or reciprocated something that she hurt Todd’s sentiments. BoJack was the one who initiated his relationship with Emily.


According to BoJack, Heather was the most annoying girl to ever live with. She was a snooping reporter, talkative, and gossip lover. BoJack shared very personally with her that could destroy him if the third party is not involved and there. The third-party was none other than Ana Spanikopita.

Wanda Pierce:

Wanda was the ex-girlfriend of BoJack. She was liked by him because of her positive vibes and she preferred to look at things optimistically. Her relationship with BoJack was not easy going with him because of his negative vibes and depressing nature as she wanted a happy and fun-loving guy for her.

Sarah Lynn:

Sarah was very much liked by BoJack. She died after consuming some overdose of chemicals. Just before her death, they were having very uncomfortable intimacy and while she was dying, BoJack was right there at that time. Her scenes before her death were very comical and wanted to become an actress despite having an abusive mother and brother.

Charlotte Carson:

BoJack was the one who always fantasized and daydreamed about him. They were met in the early 20s and his feelings for her were very genuine. Though Charlotte was already in a toxic relationship with Herb Kazzaz and after the breakup she married someone else and shifted to another place. 

Princess Carolyn:

She was one of the most likable and loyal girlfriends of BoJack. She even worked for him and always have his back even after their breakup. This shows that she was the lady with a beautiful heart and her feelings for him were genuine. 

Whom Do you like the most, let us know your view and keep reading more updates we will be getting for you.


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