All of Rob Zombie’s films ranked from worst to best


Rob Zombie’s career as a filmmaker hasn’t been very long as he has only made eight films. His films are very divisive with some loving the gore and psychopathic characters, others aren’t huge fans of the extreme violence. However, that’s Zombie’s style and his films since his debut in 2003 have been both hit and miss. Here are all his films, ranked from worst to best.

Halloween II

This film makes absolutely no sense. One might ask, why make a Halloween film about a killer who was well-known precisely for the obscure nature of his murders and his blank nature?

The Lords of Salem

A supernatural horror, this was the story of a radio DJ who fell into a trance every time she listened to a cursed record and was then made a pawn of, by a coven of witches. It was not the most gripping of horror films.


Considering that it was a remake of the 1978 film of the same name, it didn’t really give Zombie much room to maneuver. Thus, comes a movie that is a constant tussle between a pre-existing story and a director with a different kind of view.

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

His only animated film is very underrated. With a good soundtrack, lots of ridiculous humour and a great cast of voice actors, this one deserves way more love than it usually gets.


This film is about a group of carnies who get kidnapped by a bunch of psychopaths and are then forced to run through a maze from killer clowns. The pacing of the movie is intense, almost manic, and it keeps viewers on the edge of their seats throughout.

3 From Hell

His latest film about the Firefly Family, it’s psychedelic, spooky, strangely hilarious but a thrilling ride altogether. It’s also Sid Haig’s last movie.

House of 100 Corpses

His first film, it’s about the Firefly Family and is the story of four youngsters who go to see a murder tour and somehow end up a part of it. Fans disagree on whether this was his best work but most seem to prefer…

The Devil’s Rejects

In many ways the film that established him as a serious director, it’s a sequel that continues the story of the Firefly Family terrorizing more people. It’s a ride into hell.


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