Physical’s first season finale airs on Apple TV+ on Friday. In addition, the second season of Annie Weisman’s half-hour dramedy has been renewed.

Sheila portrays Rose Byrne as a bulimic in the 1980s. Then, when her husband runs for government in San Diego, Sheila becomes a household name and a video sensation in the aerobics genre. The series traces her extraordinary transformation from a powerless, disregarded enabler to a powerful, confident economic force in just a few short seasons. Now, we take Sheila for granted, but she was revolutionary in her day.

Sheila makes an intriguing suggestion in Friday’s Let’s Get Together finale, as Bunny and Tyler’s relationship comes to a head.

In addition to Rory Scovel, Dierdre Friel and Paul Sparks appear. The actress Ashley Liao is also a celebrity.

We couldn’t be prouder of Annie Weisman’s unique approach to this darkly humorous, sad, and brave storey,” said Michelle Lee, Director of Domestic Programming at Apple TV+. “And then we got to see Rose Byrne play this fantastic, multi-faceted heroine.” This was a show-stopping performance that will live long in the memory. This presentation has been a big hit with audiences throughout the world. We can’t wait to see what Sheila’s next chapter will bring.

Next-generation studio Tomorrow Studios has produced Physical for Apple TV+. Physical was written and directed by Weisman, who also created and wrote it. He is also the showrunner for the series. Executive producers Stephanie Laing and Marty Adelstein are involved in the production.



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