All that you need to know about Hollyoaks

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Ollie, who suffered from opioid addiction, became hellbent on taking drug-captain Victor Brothers to expiate his sins. In exchange for some medicines, he’d already stabbed Sid Sumner (Billy Price), a decision he felt ended with the fact that Sid was killed. Ollie managed to destroy Victor, but he quietly left the village and went up into the streets despite having made up for what he did.

Gabriel Clark told the reporters, “He’s feeling quite lost. He had this motivation driving him and was living with Ste, and then all of a sudden, they achieved their goal, and he was back to square one. Everyone he knows has got someone else, and he’s left homeless facing his addiction alone.”

He then said, “Ollie has left the Lomax’s and has been living on the streets again. So far, he’s managed to go unnoticed and is getting used to being ignored until now. Luke, riddled with guilt over kicking Ollie out, made it his mission to track his son down, which he did so last night.”

“I think he’s angry [at his Dad]. It’s clear that Ollie has been living for quite some time, there’s empty packets of food and drink scattered around, and he feels comfortable enough to leave the few belongings he has left there. To then have his Dad come into his space forces him to see it through someone else’s eyes,” Gabriel continued to add to his statement.

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This is something that Ollie has built up since my first day of filming and how the episode not only encourages Ollie to open but also Luke is unique. You see the cost it took on both of them for so long to bear a lot of trauma with them. Episodes like these are so significant; they encourage people to speak and, above all, they encourage people to know that someone is always talking to, always cared for.

After a heart to heart with his Dad, Ollie decided he would go to rehab, which was promised to be funded by Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring), as she made it clear that she still believes Ollie to be her brother. Gabriel wants people to understand that it is never too late to ask for help and take assistance from people who care about you and love you.


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