All that you need to know about MUSHOKU TENSEI SEASON 2

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It follows a man’s story, who never did a lot with his life. His baby, Rudeus Greyrat, is renamed and killed by a speeding car. He has powers in his new life and thus works more with them than in his previous life.

Mushoku Tensei was popular with thousands of fans worldwide, who all followed the first weekend season, with episode 11.

Mushoku Tensei is not officially renovated for season 2, but the anime is coming back to Funimation for season 1 of season 2 this summer!

Season 1 isn’t over yet. The first stage of Mushoku Tensei is what you would call a ‘split-course,’ which means that a season will break up or split between the airing episodes. Mainly like a hiatus.

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So season 1 is not over but awaits its next court – a total of 23 episodes will follow. It has been an outstanding result for its first season at 8.41 on Myanimelist and 8.7/10 on IMDB.

The second part was not confirmed, but it will most likely be renewed after the first part-session due to its popularity.

In the first season, the animation is considered a prologue for a manga series. The power of the novels “franchise six-sided universe” doesn’t go into detail. Mushoku Tensei has a total of 26 light novels.

The anime’s adaptation remained true to its manga part, well received by fans of the new version that followed the anime series. Fans enjoy seeing the characteristics of Rudeus’ life in his new life and the development of his character as a whole. Although specific traits are shown, it can’t be for the weak.

The second court is expected to continue with the anime that reflects volume 4-6 events ending on the 23rd episode, which will lead the anime to deviate from the manga.


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