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In the forthcoming blockBuster catalogue, the Pale Blue Eye is the next one. Netflix seems to have added to its production feature film game and will soon be implementing significant projects. The Pale Blue Eye also comes in another of these exciting projects. It’s a gothic horror thriller with nothing other than Christian Bale which makes this project so exciting. Netflix has reportedly offered an enormous 55 million dollars for pre-buying international film rights. Scott Cooper will direct the Christian Bale-led film. 

This film is Scott and Bale’s third collaboration. They also worked with Hostiles and Out of the Oven previously. For films such as Mad Heart and Black Mass, Scott Cooper is also popular. This win is the record for the world’s most extensive offer on the European film market by the deadline. It is said that Director Scott Cooper wants to do it for over a decade. Together with Birdman producer John Lesher and Tyler Thompson of Cross Creek, Bale and Cooper will make the film. It is enough to claim that the film is very theoretically widespread. It doesn’t have to be reiterated, but Christian’s work was one of his most significant in horror thrillers.

The Pale Blue Eye will adapt to a 2016 novel of the same name by Louis Bayard. It is based on a series of assassinations carried out at West Point in 1830 at the United States Military Academy. The film will concentrate on Bale and his investigation into the murders of a veteran detective. He will also accompany a young cadet, Edgar Allan Poe, who will eventually be the famous author.

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The Oscar nominee, Christian Bale, leads the project and is the project’s biggest star. He will play a retired detective named to solve the sequence of killings. In the sidekick to Bale’s character, there will also be another critical position. The young cadet who helps the detective solve the massacre is the sidekick. There has not yet been a confirmed casting option or confirmation for the role. On the remainder of the cast, there’s no word, however.

The Pale Blue Eye will take a while to release. Cooper and Bale will begin to work on the film this autumn for their third collaboration project. The part of the film continues to be published. In the autumn of this year, the film is due to start its significant photograph.


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