All that you need to know about THEM

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Over 10 days in the 1950s, THEM are moved to a white Los Angeles district from North Carolina to what initially looks like a lovely family home.

But it soon takes a dull turn when the family is horrified by the local population’s racist violence. Later it concludes that their almost perfect home has a deadly secret.

The family is soon facing a war on two sides, which takes both their experience and the strength to conquer, guided by mysterious and ill natural powers.

THEM is renewed for the second season, but the follow-up will tell a different storey in an environment like American Horror Story and The Syndicates with new characters.

Deborah Ayorinde and Ashley Thomas are in charge of the cast, playing the Emory family’s parents: Lucky and Henry. With the Ruby and Gracie daughters represented by Shahadi Wright Joseph and Melody Hurd, they move into their new house.

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Alison Pill was cast as one of the show’s main villains, Betty Wendell’s cruel neighbour, while Liam McIntyre was playing Clarke, her husband. Ryan Kwanten, Christopher Heyerdahl, Jeremiah Birkett and Abbie Cobb round out the principal cast.

Last month Amazon Prime Video premiered a first full-length THEM trailer that introduces both the new neighbourhood and the paranormal activity that haunters them to the Emory family and the frightening threats they face.

The streaming service had previously dropped a shorter preview, which showed us the characters in motion.


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