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Since learning – and lamenting – that the show’s seventh season will be its last, many Younger viewers have been avoiding the afternoon when the show’s last on-screen rendezvous kicks off the atmosphere.

The teaser for the previous season of Darren Star’s hit series has us excited to find out what happens next, not only for Liza and Kelsey, but also for the answer to the question we’re all wondering: will Liza end up using Charles or Josh?

In any case, as we say our goodbyes to our favourite New Yorkers–and welcome Kelsey’s spin-off show–only it’s natural that we enjoy our last trip in the Empirical Press elevator.

Younger Season 7 Cast

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  • Hilary Duff (Kelsey Peters)
  • Nico Tortorella (Josh Mason)
  • Peter Hermann (Charles Brooks)
  • Debi Mazar (Maggie Amato)
  • Miriam Shor (Diana Trout)
  • Molly Bernard (Lauren Heller)
  • Charles Michael Davis (Zane Anders) also star on the show.

Darren Star produced the Younger series, which is based on Pamela Redmond Satran’s 2005 novel of the same name. Liza Miller, her career, and their relationships are the focus of this storey. The release date for Season 7 of The Younger, the most successful comedy-drama TV show, is set for June 17th, 2021.

Season six saw a number of changes for the show’s supporting characters as well. The season concludes with Diana’s wedding to her plumber boyfriend, Enzo (Chris Tardio), Josh’s tattoo shop, Inkburg, launching a new lucrative venture, and Lauren launching her own public relations firm. Meanwhile, as Charles prepares to step down as the public face of Empirical Publishing, he offers his board seat and job to Kelsey, who had been looking for work elsewhere; she accepts and rejoins the Empirical family.


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