Mark your calendars for “Clickbait,” a new Netflix limited series. Its star-studded cast was revealed in the official trailer published at the end of July, and the series’ heart was teased with an exciting, relevant drama. However, especially because “Clickbait” has been flying under our radar since it was announced, it would be wise to brush up on the basics of the limited series before it premieres. Speaking of Netflix’s announcement, the streaming giant first announced this little series in December of last year.

Showrunner Tony Ayres and producer David Heyman will manage “Clickbait” in addition to the performers who will appear in it. Ayres is also a co-creator and executive producer, in addition to his showrunner duties. Series director Brad Anderson and second-block director Emma Freeman have both joined the series. Christian White is also the writer, co-creator, and co-producer of “Clickbait.” A COVID-19 epidemic forced the production of “Clickbait” to come to a halt in Melbourne, Australia, in March 2020. In November 2020, the show will resume.

Netflix’s official trailer for “Clickbait” included the film’s premiere date just one month before it was released. “Clickbait” will be available on Netflix on Wednesday, August 25. Since “Clickbait” is a Netflix limited series, all episodes will be available on the same day. Because “Clickbait” tends toward the thriller-drama genre, each episode will run for about an hour.

According to the Netflix press site for the limited series, Nick Brewer is a devoted father, husband, and brother who inexplicably disappears one day. A video of Nick, severely beaten, clutching a card that reads “I abuse women”, has appeared on the internet. “I die when I reach 5 million views.” Has he made a threat, or is he confessing? Or perhaps both? Aside from saving him, Nick’s sister and wife discover a side of him that neither of them knew existed. A riveting, high-stakes thriller is described as “exploring how our most dangerous and uncontrolled impulses are driven in the age of social media” in the description, the ever-widening gaps between our online and real-life personas.”

Netflix’s late-July release of a twisted trailer confirms this storey point. Nick Brewer, a man who appears to be well-dressed and successful in all areas of his life, is introduced to us in a matter of seconds. Nick seems to be a devoted spouse, father, brother, and son to various family members. However, a definite air of unease arises when Nick’s life and personality are revealed through the music. Nick is locked in a room with a plaque claiming that he is an abuser. “Clickbait” is a must-see thriller, as both the trailer and the plot affirm potential viewers.


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