Monster movies are a Hollywood staple, and there is no shortage of them. Monster movies come in many shapes and sizes, from classics like 1931’s Dracula to contemporary triumphs like Elisabeth Moss and Oliver Cohen-“The Jackson’s Invisible Man” to ham-fisted attempts to adapt monster legend into new storylines. So please put your favourite box office celebrity beside a supernatural entity and sprinkle in some smart storey twists that may or may not have thematic significance to a particular topic of the day, and it’s hard to resist.

“Renfield” is the latest addition to Universal Pictures’ monster movie slate, including a “Wolfman” movie starring Ryan Gosling. For anyone familiar with Bram Stoker’s Dracula or one of the many big-screen versions, Renfield is a significant character in that mythos. “Renfield” has been a Universal project for a long time, and it is only now gaining momentum. “The Tomorrow War” director Chris McKay will direct the film, which Ryan Ridley will script.

“Renfield,” directed by Chris McKay, has yet to be released. However, there are some hints about when Universal Pictures plans to release the film, considering the subject matter and the fact that it will be unveiled in mid-2021. Because Universal’s monster movie portfolio includes “Renfield,” we may expect the studio to establish a release date for the film in late September or October. Uncertainty surrounds Universal Pictures’ release date, in part because we don’t know the budget or how eager they are to release the film. It will take at least a year to get “Renfield” into theatres, despite these issues being unknown to the public. As a result, the earliest possible delivery date would be 2023, and potentially even 2024.

“Renfield” is currently in its early stages of production, so details are scant. “Renfield” will, of course, focus on Renfield. Renfield, the protagonist of the 1897 novel, is a horrible figure: This Transylvanian bloodsucking nobleman’s henchmen. As it turns out, Renfield was once an insane mental prisoner notorious for devouring rats and other animals to absorb their life energy. His telepathic connection with Dracula allows him to act as a second pair of hands to carry out his orders.

“Renfield” may “take place in the current day,” according to Deadline, and it “will not be a period piece.” Of course, this may change as the project progresses. Still, suppose Universal will invest in a storey that features a supporting character from “Dracula” as its protagonist. In that case, it should also invest in a storey that will set it apart from the numerous movies that have either directly adapted Stoker’s “Dracula” or incorporated the mythology that has grown up around it in the past century or so.

“Renfield’s” storyline can be disclosed in various ways, even with just these two pieces of information accessible. How will the film modernise Stoker’s version of the character and bring him into the present era? How is Renfield’s life going to change now that he has reformed? Whatever it is, we are going to have to wait to see how this whole thing unfolds. 



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