“Reboot” is a new Hulu series that explores the recent trend of comedy reboots. However, the narrative of this series is a little ironic since it revolves around a group of imaginary actors reuniting to revive an old sitcom that they starred in many years before. So is this all a bit confusing? Our tale is in good hands thanks to Steve Levitan, the Emmy-winning co-creator of “Modern Family” and “Reboot”. Levitan and John Enbom co-wrote the script for “Reboot,” his first streaming series to be greenlit. Executive producers will include Levitan, Enbom, and Danielle Stokdyk.

When Levitan’s “Reboot” will be released is a little difficult to predict. However, with such a skilled staff on board, it’s a safe bet that the new series will be renewed for at least one full season. Season 1 of “Reboot” is expected to launch in roughly a year or a year and a half, based on the creators’ experience.

So far, Key and Johnny Knoxville have been identified as the film’s two leading actors. Yet, there are no official facts available about their respective personalities. There will undoubtedly be more casting announcements in the coming future as “Reboot” begins filming.

In the comedy genre, Key is a familiar figure. He has had several memorable appearances in recent years. In addition to Cecily Strong, Fred Armisen, Kristin Chenoweth and others, Key currently stars in the Apple TV+ sitcom “Schigadoon!” Additionally, with roles in “Hotel Transylvania: Transformania” and “Wendell and Wild,” he’s expanding his voice acting repertoire.

As for Knoxville, he’s best known for the “Jackass” flicks, and a new feature, “Jackass Forever,” is due out in 2021. However, people don’t realise that Knoxville is also an accomplished actor in TV and film. He most recently appeared in “Mainstream,” directed by Giana Coppola and in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: The Reverend.”

There isn’t much of a premise for the upcoming comedy series, but it’s an intriguing one. Official description: “A dysfunctional family sitcom from the early 2000s is brought back to life by Hulu’s relaunch, forcing the actors to confront their past difficulties in today’s rapidly changing world.” You got it, Hulu is developing a comedy about itself. Other comedies have experimented and subverted genre expectations with tremendous success, including “Saved by the Bell,” “The Conners,” and “One Day at a Time.” The Eric Andre Show and Pen15 are great examples. A comedy with all the hallmarks of a classic sitcom, but with a twist, is undoubtedly in Levitan’s future. How “Reboot” turns out shortly will have to wait.



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