All the details that are there to know about Masamune Kun No Revenge season 2


Can  Masamune Kun’s get his vengeance only in Season 2? You can find out only in season 2.  Masamune-Kun no Revenge is a romantic Japanese comedic anime TV series based on the same-name manga series. The manga series was published on 27 October 2012 and was published in its last volume on 27 June 2018, written by Hazuki Takeoka and illustrated by Tiv.

Because of its success, Ichijinsha announced on 23 June 2016 that the manga would adapt to the anime TV series. Phase 1 of the exhibition began in January 2017 and was hit among fans of the Manga Series and new viewers, and since then, all have been waiting for season 2, so here are all the details about season 2.

For the second season, the series was not renovated by Studio Silver Link or any associated organisation. Therefore, there are no declarations or leaks from your Twitter account or the creators about the anime’s second season.

In general, the scenario can be slightly different than conventional television shows following a second season after years. There is no official explanation, although speculation can be made when some of the critical aspects are taken into account. The critical predictive indicators are manga status, popularity and financial problems.

The story starts with a very youthful Masamune who admits Aki Adagaki. Someday, he hopes to woo Aki and also refuse to take vengeance. However, when he gets to Aki’s school, the now egotistical Masamune sees the opportunity to implement his plan and laugh the last time. For her hate of males, Aki is termed the ‘Cruel Princess.’

Aki’s servant/friend/spy Masamune finally takes the first step towards his vengeance with the help of Yoshino. However, when he comes to know her, he begins to feel conflicting over his objectives and often asks what he does, which viewers have been attempting to comprehend since episode 1.

The plot has a twist where Aki’s hatred of males was revealed to have been born by Masamune, who she thinks had been divorced from her parent. Instead, Yoshino disguised as an Aki, who rejected him and gave him a nickname back when they were children because she wanted him to be herself.

To get stunned by her as a return from her shame, Masamune kisses Aki during a play in the end. Finally, a Karaoke show and a stressful rock cliffhanger finish the anime.


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