All the information that you need to know about I Hate Suzie Season 2


In I Hate Suzie, get ready for even more of the life of Suzie Pickles (Billie Piper). Sky TV has renewed the series for a second season with HBO Max continuing as the comedy series’ streaming home. Also starring in this series are Leila Farzad, Daniel Ings, and Nathaniel Martello-White. In November 2020, the series was released on HBO Max in the United States.

HBO Max announced the following in a press release about the story of I Hate Suzie:

I Hate Suzie is a brave, bracing, original drama about the moment in life when the mask falls, questioning if either of us will endure being ‘known’ well and truly. Suzie Pickles (Piper), when she is hacked, has her life upended and photographs of her show in an incredibly compromising role.

Viewers will have a bit of a wait for season two, however, since production on the new episodes will not begin until 2022.


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