All the latest updates for Ackley Bridge Season 4!!

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The third season of the secondary school comedy-drama series, Ackley Bridge, was aired in 2019 and since then fans are anticipating news for its return with a new season. The release of its fourth season was scheduled to be in September 2020 but as we know that the production work was delayed due to covid-19 restrictions, the season was not released. 

But, there is nothing to worry about as we are here with all the latest updates for the fourth season of Ackley Bridge.

An expected release date for the fourth season!!

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The release date for the episodes of the fourth season is set to be in April. However, there is no exact date announced but we can say that the brand new episodes will come in a brand-new format. In previous seasons we have seen the episodes of 60 minutes each but this time it will be different as we will get each episode of 30 minutes. There will be 10 episodes airing over two weeks. You can watch all the latest episodes on Channel 4 but remember that the time of airing the episodes has been changed so track that news also. 

Returning and new faces for Ackley Bridge Season 4!!

We have seen that one of the characters of the series died in the third season so he will not be returning. Also, Nasreen Paracha left for the university so she will not be reprising her role. But some names will return to reprise their roles. The familiar faces we have seen as teachers who will be coming back for the fourth season are Sunetra Sarker, Charlie Hardwick, Hareet Deol, Rob James Collier, Jo Joyner, and Tony Jayawardhen. Some favorite pupils of Ackley Bridge whom we will see in the upcoming series are Megan Parkinson, Fern Deacon, Pheobe Tuffs-Berry, Zara Salim, and Nazmeen Kauser.

The new topic to discuss in the story!!

We have already seen how secondary school students faced weighty challenges like teenage pregnancy, death, and other tensions. This time we can witness some relational pressure between two of the best friends Kayla and Fizza as they will be navigating the studies and emotional pressure. The newcomer, Johnny played by Ryan Dean, will be the center of attraction for others as his charm and confidence will stir up the drama. 

Let’s wait and see what more is there waiting for us. Till then stay tuned with us and follow the space for more updates.


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